American Property Casualty Insurance Association

Tell Minnesota Lawmakers to Protect Consumers and Our Court System 

Out-of-control litigation costs affect everyone in Minnesota: individuals, families, businesses, communities, and local economies. Consumers and businesses are increasingly burdened by the economic impact of legal system abuse and skyrocketing legal awards that impose massive additional costs each year. In fact, a recent study estimated that legal system abuse costs the average Minnesota household $2,802 each year!  

If HF 3506/SF 3573 were to pass, Minnesota would be an extreme outlier nationally. Only five states in the country allow a 50% joint and several liability threshold for defendants. Ideally, joint and several liability should be eliminated in Minnesota. But, at the very least, plaintiffs should be banned from using joint-and-several liability to recover non-economic damages. 

Minnesota needs a legal system that is fair to all parties and keeps our state competitive as we seek to attract new business, grow our economy, and create jobs. The Minnesota Legislature needs to hear that you oppose HF 3506/SF 3573. 

Please send your message to your state legislators today urging them to oppose this disastrous legislation without delay.