American Property Casualty Insurance Association

2024 Agenda

APCIA advocates for policies that address the most urgent challenges and opportunities facing our industry and the consumers we serve. In 2024, some of these will include:

Fighting Legal System Abuse 

Legal system abuse drives up costs for consumers and clogs our nation’s court system with frivolous lawsuits. APCIA is working to address questionable attorney practices to help ensure our justice system remains balanced, fair to all participants, and able to resolve legitimate claims in a timely manner. We are working nationwide to pass meaningful civil justice reforms that reduce or eliminate legal system abuse in any form it takes.

Protecting Risk-Based Pricing

Risk-based pricing is the fairest way to match insurance rates to risk, ensuring no one is paying more for coverage than they should. For decades, insurers have used a wide variety of objective data to help determine risk in order to keep insurance affordable, competitive, and accessible for consumers. We will continue to work with policymakers to oppose policies that attempt to eliminate risk-based rating factors, while working to make insurance more affordable for consumers.

Strengthening State-Based Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Our nation’s no-fault workers’ compensation system benefits employers and employees alike, ensuring injured workers receive medical care and fair compensation while protecting employers from civil lawsuits. We will continue to work in communities across the country to preserve the no-fault workers’ compensation system that provides high-quality care for injured workers, encourages employees to return to work, streamlines disputes, and controls costs for employers and our court system.

Addressing Catastrophe Insurance Challenges

When the unexpected happens—from earthquakes, wildfires, and tornadoes to winter storms, hurricanes, and flooding—insurers work to deliver on their promises to policyholders. APCIA will continue to advocate for smart policy reforms that improve our nation’s response to natural and man-made disasters, protecting our communities, and reducing the burden on taxpayers. A major focus of these efforts includes supporting the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission’s recommendations to address the wildfire system holistically, with a goal of creating communities and landscapes that are resilient to wildfire as a natural and integral part of the nation’s future. We will also continue to focus on addressing the challenges of catastrophe insurance, including the government’s role, private market development, risk mitigation, resilience, and sustainability efforts.

Tackling Automobile Insurance Cost Drivers

A number of factors can impact automobile insurance rates, but safety tops the list. That’s why we work with policymakers, member companies, and consumers to promote driver safety and enact highway safety laws that protect motorists and pedestrians, while keeping automobile insurance costs stable. In addition to supporting critical safety priorities, APCIA also works to address other factors that drive up auto insurance costs, including hostile auto repair initiatives, predatory towing practices, auto salvage tilting processes, and more.