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About the Voice of America’s Insurers

Members of the Voice of America’s Insurers help to promote a strong, private property casualty insurance market, which affects each and every one of us. By learning about the issues that matter and engaging with elected officials, we can influence the discussion and have a direct impact on policy outcomes.

As part of the Voice of America’s Insurers, you are joining your voice with others across the country who, like you, understand how critical it is to be engaged.

On this website, you’ll find resources to learn more about public policy proposals that impact the property casualty insurance industry, as well as the tools to help you communicate with policymakers about those issues.

Policymakers respond when they hear from those who will be most directly affected by the laws, rules, and regulations they are proposing. By joining our voices, we can make sure we are heard in our nation’s capital and in state capitals across the country.

The Voice of America’s Insurers advocates for policies that impact the private property casualty insurance market on behalf of the members of the American Property Casualty Insurance Association.