American Property Casualty Insurance Association


There are many issues impacting property and casualty insurance companies and our consumers in Florida.

Learn more about these issues and how they affect APCIA members and how you can lend your voice to our advocacy efforts when needed.



Transparency in Medical Damages

The trend of falsely inflating medical costs is a major problem in Florida. Trial lawyers are submitting into evidence billed medical expenses, instead of actual medical expenses that were paid or should have been paid, to make claims larger and more difficult to resolve. Lack of transparency in medical billing increases litigation costs and poses both short- and long-term financial risks for consumers. APCIA is advocating for legislation that puts in place common-sense parameters to help manage and eliminate inflated medical damages, protects consumers, and restores balance to our courts.

Bad Faith

Trial lawyers continue to abuse the lack of clarity in Florida’s bad faith law to pursue frivolous claims and lawsuits to obtain large settlements against insurers doing business in Florida. The widespread abuse of the law is driving up insurance costs for consumers and businesses alike. APCIA supports meaningful reform to Florida’s bad faith law to combat abuse, protect consumers, and help lower costs for all Floridians.

One-Way Attorney Fees

Florida lawmakers recently made efforts to address the state’s property insurance market crisis by eliminating one-way attorney fees in property insurance claims. To help further stabilize the marketplace, reduce costs long-term, and curb widespread legal system abuse, APCIA is working with industry partners to expand the repeal of one-way attorney fees to all lines.