About Government Relations

Through education, advocacy, and an active Political Action Committee, Amica works to promote a positive regulatory environment for our company, industry, and policyholders.

Four primary ways government relations helps achieve our objectives:

  1. Education – Educating Amica employees about the political issues impacting the heavily regulated insurance industry.
  2. Advocacy – Monitoring state and federal legislative and regulatory activity to stay up to date on pending changes in our marketing territories. Amica works proactively to influence such changes by working with legislators, regulators, and, most frequently, through industry trade associations.
  3. Information – Sharing information, internally and externally, to prioritize an agenda. This includes alerting business units to pending legislative or regulatory changes, providing the business an opportunity to give input, and notifying business units of final laws and regulations.
  4. Political Action Committee – Amica’s PAC is focused on supporting leaders who embrace the importance of a regulatory environment that is beneficial to both businesses and consumers.

The end goal for every Government Relations initiative is to create a better business climate across the company’s geographic footprint.


Jennifer Morrison, Senior Vice President and General Counsel