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A Message from Ted Shallcross, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for visiting the Amica Action Center. This website contains everything you need to remain informed and take action on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting you, the insurance industry, and our customers.

Federal, state, and local lawmakers constantly make decisions affecting you as an Amica employee and an insurance consumer. Unfortunately, our legislators don’t always have all of the information necessary to make well-informed decisions. That’s why participation of industry leaders – like you – is critical to ensure our nation’s elected officials work to provide a strong and healthy marketplace for insurance consumers.

Your elected officials want to hear from you! Periodically, when an important legislative insurance issue arises, we may ask you to contact your elected officials and explain its impact on you personally and our policyholders. This website will help you ensure your voice is heard and much more.

I encourage you to visit the Amica Action Center often to stay informed on the issues impacting our company and the ways you can take action to support our industry. With your help, we can ensure our company and industry remain strong and viable well into the future.