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• Illinois Risk Based Pricing: Tell State Lawmakers to Help Keep Costs Low for Illinois Drivers
• Virginia Bad Faith: Tell Lawmakers to Oppose SB 256

Tell Virginia Lawmakers to OPPOSE SB 256

SB 256 is a solution in search of a problem—and a bad solution at that. The bill creates a “bad faith” action for underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. It also provides for an award of double the judgment with a $500,000 cap — meaning a policy with $30,000 coverage may be forced to pay up to $500,000. In addition, it’s duplicative of existing Virginia law, which already provides remedies for consumers under the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Law and could lead to higher insurance costs at a time when consumers can least afford it.

Tell State Lawmakers to Help Keep Costs Low for Illinois Drivers

Lawmakers in Springfield are considering two harmful auto insurance bills (HB 4767 and HB 4611) that could harm consumers, lead to higher auto insurance costs, and disrupt a stable, competitive insurance marketplace across the state.

Help us speak out against this unnecessary and potentially damaging legislation. Please review and send your message to your state legislators today.