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Insuring America PAC Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insuring America PAC?

Insuring America PAC is a separate segregated fund that is established and administered by APCIA and is registered with the Federal Election Commission. Insuring America PAC is essentially a vehicle for combining individual contributions to candidates whose views toward business and government are in accord with APCIA. Insuring America PAC is a tool that helps APCIA protect the common interests of its members and financially supports the election of public officials and candidates for federal office whose views align with those of our industry.

What does Insuring America PAC do?

Insuring America PAC makes direct contributions to candidates seeking election to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S Senate. At the state level, Insuring America PAC makes direct contributions to candidates for various offices where permitted by state law. Insuring America PAC works closely with APCIA’s grassroots advocacy program to provide insurance professionals with information they need to become more involved in the political process.

What is Insuring America PAC’s federal ID Number?

Insuring America PAC’s Federal Election Commission Committee Identification number is C00066472.

Why is Insuring America PAC important?

Policymakers who understand issues important to the insurance industry make more informed decisions when developing public policy. Insuring America PAC is an important resource that directly supports these candidates. This type of political speech strengthens the property casualty insurers industry and brings long-term benefits to all APCIA members.

Why does APCIA need a PAC? Can’t the association fund political efforts directly?

By law, associations like APCIA cannot provide direct political contributions to federal candidates. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) permits associations to establish and administer a political action committee for political purposes and to provide support to candidates of federal elections.

What criteria does the Insuring America PAC consider in supporting federal candidates?

The Insuring America PAC Contribution Committee meets quarterly to approve the disbursement budget for Insuring America PAC. The Contributions Committee disbursement decisions are guided by the Insuring America PAC Guiding Principles. Additional factors the Contributions Committee may consider are the candidate’s:

  • voting record and views on issues critical to APCIA and our industry;
  • membership on key committees and/or a position in leadership; and
  • connection to the property casualty insurers industry.

Aren’t my personal contributions to candidates more effective?

There is no doubt that candidates appreciate your personal contributions. However, unless they know you personally, they may not know why you are supporting them. APCIA works hard to ensure that candidates are familiar with issues that are important to you and the property casualty insurance industry, so when candidates receive support from Insuring America PAC, they know the industry supports their policy position work. This is something your personal political contribution may not achieve.

What information is available about Insuring America PAC federal activity?

Information on Insuring America PAC receipts as well as Insuring America PAC federal contribution activity is publicly available on the FEC website at

What are the federal contribution limits for federal elections?

The FEC has set political contribution limits for the 2023-2024 federal election cycle as follows:

To a federal candidate committee:

  • Individuals $3300 per election
  • Multicandidate PAC $5000 per election
  • Candidate Committee $2000 per election
  • State, District & Local Party Committee: $5000 per election
  • National Party Committee $5000 per election

To a Multicandidate PAC:

  • Individuals $5000 per year
  • Multicandidate PAC $5000 per year
  • Candidate Committee $5000 per year
  • State, District, & Local Party Committee: $5000 per election

Will Insuring America PAC support lawmakers whose values do not always align with those of the property casualty insurance industry?

This may happen. While APCIA always works to educate lawmakers about important industry issues, some lawmakers might be opposed to the industry’s view on one particular issue, but may actively support the industry’s views on several other issues.

Who is eligible?

To find out if you are eligible, please contact Bridget Sewell, Vice President of Political Engagement, at 202-639-0498 or

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