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A Message from Deirdre Manna,
Head of Government & Industry Affairs

Thank you for visiting the Zurich North America Civic Action Center. This website provides updates on key legislative and regulatory issues affecting the insurance industry, but most importantly, our customers. The site also serves as an easy way to contact your elected officials and express your views.

Governmental actions affect the insurance industry business on a daily basis. Lawmakers cannot be experts on every issue, particularly one as complex as insurance. That’s why the participation of people like you is an important part of the political process. Your voice helps ensure that our nation’s elected officials are educated about the complicated issues that need to be addressed to ensure a strong and healthy marketplace for insurance consumers nationwide. By being politically active, Zurich North America and our partners are able to cultivate

relationships and provide input regarding laws and regulations impacting our business.

As a voter you can play an important role. At its heart, politics is about relationships. The most effective method of catching the ear of an elected official is a constituent contact. Each of you is a constituent of several elected officials who genuinely want to hear from you.

Because our employees are experts on complex insurance products, your insight can be extremely valuable in educating our representatives. This website provides information about legislative and regulatory matters impacting the insurance industry and how to contact your elected officials. Your active participation will help ensure that our company and industry stays strong and viable well into the future.

Please note that any decision to participate in this Zurich Advocacy effort is voluntary; you have the right to decide to not participate without any reprisal. By registering and submitting your information, you agree to give Zurich permission to use this information to: (i) facilitate communications you decide to initiate with your Member of Congress or other government official; and (ii) contact you regarding additional advocacy opportunities in the future.  The content included on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any other purpose. Zurich is not providing legal advice and assumes no liability concerning the information set forth on this website. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any of this information. The subject matter of this publication is not tied to any specific insurance product nor will adopting these policies and procedures ensure coverage under any insurance policy.