Tell Lawmakers to Oppose “Bad Faith” Bills in New York

Once again, the New York State Legislature is considering misguided legislation – A7285-A /S6813-A – that could drastically increase litigation and lead to higher costs for consumers.

We need your help—tell your lawmakers to OPPOSE these “bad faith” bills, which could increase costs for hardworking New Yorkers.

If passed, A7285-A/S6813-A would greatly expand first and third-party bad faith provisions. It would also allow punitive damages to be determined by a jury and even double or triple damages in some circumstances along with other new confusing procedural provisions that could increase costs and litigation.

A Milliman study found that similar, but less extreme, legislation could increase premiums by $6.9 billion, but that figure could be much higher under A7285-A/S6813-A.

Trial lawyers are only pushing these bills to increase the volume and length of litigation in New York courts as well as their profits. Ultimately, more litigation will lead to higher court costs, which could then get passed down to everyday New Yorkers.

Tell your legislator to oppose A7285-A/S6813-A and help keep insurance and court costs down in New York.

Thank you in advance for your support and for taking action.